Daniel Owen the translator, a lecture by Dr Robert Lomas

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  • The lecture was given on Thursday 22 October 2020 at 7:30
  • It has been recorded in two parts
  • For part 1 click here; for part 2 click here

In Jan 1859 Daniel Owen had his third poem, The Sea, published in Y Drysorfa. His old friend Nathaniel Jones, who was in the process of setting up a new magazine “Charles o’r Bala” saw it and was Inspired by its drama to ask Daniel to translate a melodramatic  American Temperance Tract called Ten Nights in a Bar into Welsh. So began Daniel’s new career as a writer. He moved the story to Mold and retold it as Ten Nights in the Black Lion. This talk relates how Daniel struggled to complete the translation, and the problems he faced. It also reflects by studying it we can learn more about the Daniel’s development as a story teller and as a person.

Dr Robert Lomas has a BSc. (First Class Honours) in Electronics and a PhD in Solid State Quantum Physics, He has worked on cruise-missile guidance, fire brigade command-and-control systems, the early development of personal computers and in IT consultancy. He is a retired Fellow in Operations Management from Bradford University School of Management and has written best-selling books on Freemasonry and science.  He has also published an English translation of the J.LL.Morris edition of Rhys Lewis.  To read about Robert’s motivation to do this and his interest in Daniel Owen read Why Translate a Victorian Novel about Mold?