Presentation by Dr Robert Lomas with a guided tour of Mold Masonic Hall which was furnished by Sir Watkin Wynn who was one of the Presidents of the Mold Eisteddfod (1873) when the first Masonic lodge was founded in Mold. Daniel Owen was secretary of the Eisteddfod Committee.

Robert has recently translated Daniel Owen’s sermons and his ‘Sketches of Methodist characters around Mold’ and will give an illustrated  lecture in the Masonic Temple about how Daniel came to write and publish his writing and explain how its success led to Daniel writing his first novel, Y Dreflan. He reads his translation of the seven sermons on Youtube. Here’s a link to the first You can subscribe to hear the rest.

He is a retired Fellow in Operations Management from Bradford University School of Management and has written best-selling books on Freemasonry and science. Even though Robert is not a Welsh speaker, his family’s Mold connections have encouraged him to become an enthusiastic expert in the story of Daniel Owen’s life and a translator of his work.

Daniel Owen as a student. c.1866