Walkabout Flintshire Guided Walk

A walk from Mold to the Alleluia Monument and Baptistery at the Rhual Estate

In association with Walkabout Flintshire, we’ll be taking a leisurely paced three and a half to four mile walk through Mold and out of town on the pavement along Gwernaffield Road. To reach the  Alleluia Monument we’ll cross into a field at the bottom of the Rhual hill, with the kind permission of Rhual Farm.

The Alleluia Monument is a prominent, Grade II listed, stone obelisk erected in 1736 by Nehemiah Griffith of Rhual to commemorate a victory by Christian Celts over Pagan forces which was thought to have taken place in the area in 420 AD. 

Legend has it that a small Christian army led by Bishop Germanus, were heavily outnumbered by the heathen Picts and Saxons and defeat looked certain. The Bishop ordered his men to shout “Hallel-ujah,” three times, as loudly as they could. ‘Hallel-ujah’ means, ‘Praise Jehovah’ or ‘Praise the Lord’. Hearing the strange battle cry the invaders were alarmed, some turned and fled, whilst others were killed by the triumphant Welshmen. 

A modern day sculpture of shouting heads, called One Voice by Brian Fell, which also commemorates the battle, hangs on the wall in the Daniel Owen Precinct, Mold

The walk will then take the drive down to Rhual Farm, passing the burial mound on our way to the Baptistery on the estate. 

The Baptistery or Ffynnon Dysilio is of medieval origin, according to research by the late Ken Lloyd Gruffydd, a local historian. It probably commemorates the early Welsh saint St Tysilio of Powys. During the last quarter of the 17th Century it was renovated, enlarged and converted into a baptistery by Thomas Edwards II between 1677-88, as the family had become Baptists.

Baptisms continued at Rhual until at least 1729. It is thought that the well was then maintained as the family’s private mineral-water spring, and possibly a spa. 

The walk will then cross down the track onto Factory Pool Lane before returning along the pavement on Denbigh Road and back to Tesco car park.

Event Details

  • When: Monday 18 October 2021 at 10:30am
  • Where: Meet at the bottom of Tesco car park, Ponterwyl, Chester Street, Mold CH7 1UB
  • Tickets: Free. In co-operation with Walkabout Flintshire. Booking form here