Saturday 15 October 2016, 10:00am - 11:00am

Shwmae Su’mae!

Location: Mold Town library, Earl Road, Mold

Come for a chat in Welsh over a cup of tea (or a ‘paned!) in the Library. A warm welcome to learners and Welsh speakers of all proficiencies!

This year is the fourth year for Shwmae Sumae day on October 15th. Remember to take this opportunity to celebrate the Welsh language in your school, college, workplace, hospital, bar, cafe or local shop.

Shwmae Sumae day started 4 years ago with over 100 activities inspired by similar campaigns to support local languages in the Basque Country and Brittany.

Today the event has been adopted by people in all parts of Wales – by learners, non-Welsh speakers and Welsh speakers. By now there are hundreds of events and activities being held from Anglesey to Monmouth on October 15th or during that week.


For tickets call: 01352 754791