Sunday 15 October 2017, 2:00pm - 3:30pm

Snip Snap Scissor Hunt

Location: Daniel Owen's statue, Daniel Owen Square, Earl Road, Mold CH7 1AP
thumb_Daniel Owen's scissors landscape IMG_7973_1024

A treasure hunt with a difference. Through a series of clues find objects and places associated with Daniel Owen. You may be thinking books or pens as Daniel Owen is famous as an author, but he made his living for many years as a tailor in Mold and it’s this aspect of his life that the clues relate to…….

Meet at Daniel Owen’s statue, Daniel Owen Square Mold at 2pm. This bilingual activity around the Town will take about one and a half hours, and is suitable for all ages.

We are pleased to announce that participants will be entitled to a half-priced coffee in the shop where Daniel Owen used to work as a young man, but as a tailor not a barista!


For tickets call: 01352 758532